Travel Like the The Too Fit Guys…What Foods, Supplements, & Gadgets We Use When Traveling

We know it can be difficult to eat healthily and stay on top of your training while on the road, at conventions, or at your mother-in-law’s house.

We have put together a quick video during our recent travels to Orlando to show you exactly what we use for workouts, quick and easy meals, snacks, and more. We meet three times per year with our entrepreneurship group, and this happened to be the first Summit of the year. Maybe we will do a video at each Summit this year to show you our latest bag of goodies.

To stop soreness in its tracks, make the investment in some compression socks. Your feet, calves, and legs will thank you. Throw them on for long travel days.

Compression Socks

If you still get sore from all the travel or after a workout, we recommend traveling with a foam roller and lacrosse ball to work out those sore muscles and tight spots.

Rumble Roller Foam Roller

Lacrosse Ball

No gym or bad hotel gym? Yeah…we’ve been there. You walk into the “fitness facility” only to find a treadmill and one 15 pound dumbbell. We got ya covered. We will be sending out a few on-the-go workout routines that are quick and efficient to all of our Too Fit Toolbox members very soon. You can sign up for free for The Too Fit Toolbox here.

Use these tools to get the heart pumping then hit the foam roller afterward.

Elevation Training Mask

Rogue Jump Rope

The Best Swimming Goggles You Will Ever Buy – Incite Elite Goggles

Awesome, healthy, and quick meals and snacks…keep the focus on healthy fats and proteins.

Wild Planet Tuna

Salmon Jerky

Oatmega Bar

Macadamia Nuts

These are the supplements we use when traveling. They don’t really differ from the same ones we use at home, these are just the staples.

Joint Support – Pure Synergy Bone Renewal

Multivitamin – Pure Synergy 

Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil Butter Blend

Decided to have a few cocktails or chose to eat some mystery meat? The charcoal will have your back. This is a staple.

Activated Coconut Charcoal

Last but not least. We’ve all been there…the blinds in the hotel room are closed…you wake up and think it is 6 a.m…you look at the clock and it’s 9 a.m…never again with the Nature Bright Sun Bliss 2 in 1 Portable Light Therapy and Wake Up Light. This clock is awesome! Over a 30 minute time-span, the light will gradually get brighter and brighter and reach its brightest level at your desired alarm time. No more oversleeping! Believe us, this light is really brilliant…much harder to ignore than your typical alarm on your phone and much more pleasant during waking than blaring music.

Alright folks, that pretty much covers everything in the video. Please leave any questions in the comments section. We would love to hear your feedback and any items you like to use while traveling!

Jake & Josh